Become An Ambassador


Here at Mass Aesthetics we are aiming to create a brand that not only sells clothes but also inspires people to achieve greatness. We want to give back and create a community where people can inspire one another, share their stories and create an environment of health and well being. Anything in this life is possible if you have the right mind set. Sometimes it just takes that one person or moment to create realisation of whats possible and to start you on your way to success. 

     First things first, heres the terms of service and a few key factors we are looking for in our brand ambassadors. 

  • Be active on social media.
  • Be passionate about health & fitness, and of course about our brand
  • Be happy to purchase clothing at a discounted rate to represent our brand and help with promotion.
  • Be willing to take high quality photographs wearing our clothing.
  • Post a photo wearing our brand at least once times per week. 

     In exchange, you'll get:

  • Affiliation to a leading fitness brand.
  • The chance to become a sponsored athlete.
  • 25% off all clothing purchases for yourself
  • Your own unique discount code to share on your posts to promote us
  • 10% commission from each purchase that is made from your discount code.
  • Get regular shoutouts on our social media

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