Falcon XDR:
Extend Beyond the Endpoint

Every insight. Every vector. One response.

The Next Frontier for Detection and Response

Supercharge detection and response across your security stack with Falcon XDR. With industry-leading endpoint protection at its core, Falcon XDR synthesizes multi-domain telemetry to provide security teams with one unified, threat-centric command console.


Take EDR to the next level with consolidated, multi-platform telemetry that dramatically enhances threat correlation and speeds response times against sophisticated attacks.


Accelerate threat analysis and hunting by transforming previously siloed, disconnected data into strong, cross-platform attack indicators, insights, and alerts.


Turn XDR insight into orchestrated action. Empower security teams to design and automate multi-stage, multi-platform response workflows for surgical, full-stack remediation.

What is XDR?

Learn about XDR's ability to improve threat visibility, accelerate security operations, and reduce TCO.

XDR Readiness Checklist

Considering an XDR Solution? Arm yourself with a checklist of questions and relevant statistics to make your choice easier.


Complete Visibility. Unrivaled Protection.

Optimize Security Operations

With the industry’s leading EDR at the core, take your team to the next level with the power of Falcon XDR

  • Create a cohesive, more effective cybersecurity stack: Surface actionable insights when previously siloed data comes together into one single source of security truth.
  • Aggregate disparate threat data on a massive scale - with ease: Purpose-built XDR integrations and an open data schema streamline telemetry ingestion, parsing and mapping to provide unmatched visibility across the entire environment.
  • Maximize time and effort: Advanced Falcon XDR analytics automatically detect stealthy threats, eliminating the need for you or a number of people on your team to write, tune and maintain detection rules.

Get the right answers, fast

Accelerate multi-domain threat analysis, investigation and hunting from a single console

  • Explore live, fast-moving threats like never before: Search index-free across structured and unstructured data from any XDR source to accelerate cross-domain threat hunting and investigation.
  • Speed triage and investigation: Prioritized alerts, rich context, and detailed detection information mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework help analysts quickly understand and act on threats. The intuitive Falcon console lets you quickly tailor views, filter and pivot across data sets with ease.
  • Schedule searches and create custom detections: Build custom scheduled queries and detections for behaviors and activity unique to your organization.
  • View the entire cross-domain attack: The interactive graph explorer visualizes each step of an attack for quick understanding.

Stop attacks before they become breaches

Speed response times and orchestrate action against sophisticated attacks

  • Respond decisively: Detailed detection information - from impacted hosts and root cause to indicators and timelines - guides remediation. Powerful response actions allow you to eradicate threats with surgical precision.
  • Quickly move investigation to action: Contain hosts associated with suspicious activity instantly - right from the detection.
  • Orchestrate and automate workflows: Falcon Fusion streamlines tasks - from notifications and repetitive tasks to complex workflows - dramatically improving the efficiency of your SOC teams.