Mass Aesthetics

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In this 50 page extensive 17 week resistance training plan i have provided you with photos and professional teaching points to the 80 plus exercises included. 

The plan runs for 17 weeks and follows my tried and tested protocol. This plan is designed to maximise muscle gain with minimal fat gains. 

  There are 3 different rep ranges included in this programme to ensure you are hitting every muscle fibre possible and every energy system within the body.  By cycling rep ranges, it will also give your central nervous system a rest from the heavy lifting along with your joints to prevent injury. The 17 weeks is split into two 8 week training plans. After one 8 week cycle you will incorporate a de-load week to help your body and central nervous system to recover and be ready to smash the next 8 week cycle. 

 I have included cardio days to minimise fat gain and increase cardiovascular fitness. By having a healthy cardiovascular system you will be able to create a better environment for your muscles to perform and grow. 

Not only is this a carefully writen out exercise plan, it will also give you all the tools you need to ensure your diet is on point. Delving deep into the calories counting side of things with nutrient breakdown and real life examples. Both training and diet/calories need to be workng together to ensure you see the results you want. Fear not, all is explained and you will be a master by the end of this plan. [DISCLAIMER] This will not be easy. Nothing in life worth having is easy. I am providing you will my 15 years of knowledge, trail & error and experience but only YOU can ensure you stick to it, learn the principles i teach you and put in the WORK! This got me from an average physique to the stage and it can you. ENJOY THE PROCESS. Feel free to share your transformation with us through our email or social media channels. #massaesthetics